Comfort Food With a Global Twist

Comfort Food With a Global Twist

We can all agree it’s been a long year.

Are you craving comfort food in this stressful time? Whether from anxiety about your health, isolation, or increased demands on you as a parent, we are right there with you. And we can help, at least when it comes to getting dinner on the table. What if you could feed your family and build community; satisfying a deep need for comfort while also trying something new?

We serve comfort food with a global twist, providing healthy, simple meals that bring your family together around the table.

Comfort food with a global twist

Like the best comfort foods, Global Village meals are aromatic and flavorful, delicious, and deeply satisfying.

Cooking up a global spin on classic dishes, we deliver feelings of being cozy and cared for without having to leave home. The whole family—kids included!—enjoy recipes that are flavorful, but not spicy, with a bold, creative use of familiar spices and ingredients that you may already have in your home.

A healthy, family mealtime solution for the Boston area

We know you work hard to make sure your Boston family has healthy food options. But cooking nutritious, delicious food—that your kids will eat—is a big time commitment.

Available in the freezer section of Whole Foods stores in the greater Boston area and New England, and through monthly delivery as part of our innovative Feeding the Village club in the greater Boston area, Global Village ready-to-eat meals are an easy mealtime solution for bringing the family together at dinnertime with minimal fuss. Made with simple, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, our dishes let you focus on quality time around the table.

Global Village meals are nutrient dense, and made with fresh, whole, clean ingredients. Additionally, they are naturally gluten-friendly and free of major allergens to ensure our enticing flavors are accessible and safe.

Supporting local community through global flavor

We believe that food builds and sustains communities, and that community can build and sustain families.

Global Village Foods is a Vermont-based small family business. Born and raised in Kenya, and trained as a chef there, Damaris is also a mom who knows the challenges of feeding a family member with severe food allergies. Our meals are the result of years of hard work marrying nutrition, health, and flavor for our own family. We can help you feed your family, too.

The Feeding the Village club features a monthly virtual community-building component for families to discover the inspiration behind the flavors. Elevate your meal into a communal learning experience!

We donate a portion of our proceeds every month to local community organizations such as VT Releaf Collective to support and improve our community, and yours.

Feed your family with a mother’s love

Every mother has spent time redefining what it means to keep your family healthy and well under challenging circumstances. When the days are long, what better than to know your food was planned and prepared by another mom who shares your values and goals?

We’re so grateful to offer an easy-to-prepare meal option that is nutritious and delicious, helping you bring your family together around comfort food with a global twist.

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