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Allergy Friendly, Ready-to-Eat, African Inspired Cuisine

Damaris grew up in Kenya where simple fresh ingredients and rich aromatic spices created vibrant traditional dishes for family gatherings and communal celebrations.

A world away, Mel from Memphis cherished Sunday dinners with three generations of family around a table full of bold, soulful Southern fare.

The two met in Kenya and settled in Vermont, a state well known for its slow food movement and strong community. Out of local food festivals, farmers markets, and a restaurant, they built up an enthusiastic following for African inspired foods.

Blessed with a child who had severe food allergies, they realized how challenging it was to find flavorful, nutritious, good food options.

They believed everyone deserved to have a great tasting meal that fit their needs, and so they re-imagined traditional African favorites as allergy-friendly, vegan and gluten-free meal options.

They created Global Village Cuisine to share the warmth and comfort of fresh-made dishes with the ease and convenience of  'Ready-to-Eat' frozen meals.

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