The Six Best Food Delivery Services in Boston

The Six Best Food Delivery Services in Boston

Long gone are the days when you had to venture out to expand your palate. Now, you can thrill your taste buds with a few clicks.

Whether your goal is to sample new foods, experiment in the kitchen, or eliminate the challenge of putting a healthy meal on the table, food delivery services are here to meet your needs. Prepared meal delivery services and niche food subscription boxes have taken off and the possibilities feel endless.

To save you time, we’ve pulled together a brief overview of the best food delivery services and niche food boxes in Boston (and beyond, if you’d like to send a gift). We hope this head-to-head comparison helps you make a decision about which ones will fit your lifestyle, your budget, and your tastes the best!

Our Pick for the Best Food Delivery Services in Boston


What it is: Weekly chef-prepared meal delivery service. The rotating menu features a flavorful variety of American and ethnic foods that most will have already eaten before.
What you get: Personalized weekly orders of fully prepared, individually packaged meals, ready to heat and eat. Gluten-free and peanut-free options available. Customers can customize each delivery from a weekly rotation of offered meals to meet preferences and dietary needs. 
Cost: Ranging from $11.49/meal for four individual meals per week to as low as $8.49/meal for 12 meals per week (with options in between). Families who need more than 12 meals per week can order additional subscriptions.
Delivery area: Continental U.S.
Who will love it: Individuals, couples, and families who want to simplify mealtime with healthy variety.


What it is: Bi-monthly curated American food products subscription box “for the modern man’s pantry.”
What you get: A box of full-sized artisan food products from around the U.S.A., curated around a monthly theme and packed in a reusable handmade wooden crate. Includes a “Manual” with product stories and recipes.
Cost: $75 for one box (six products) every other month. Annual subscriptions (six deliveries) include an additional first box for free.
Delivery area: U.S. addresses.
Who will love it: Foodies of any gender—but especially the men in your life—who enjoy cooking and impressing their guests. 
What it is: Monthly curated organic, non-GMO snacks subscription box.
What you get: Full-sized portions of healthy, natural snack foods and beverages. Gluten-free, diet, and vegan options available. 
Cost: From $20/box for a mini box with 7+ products to $50/box for a large box with 27+ products (with small and medium size options in between).
Delivery area: U.S. and Canada.
Who will love it: Customers who prefer organic products, or who need specialized diet options that are challenging to meet with other services. 

Love With Food

What it is: Monthly curated global snack subscription box.
What you get: A box of unique and healthy snacks selected from emerging worldwide snack brands. (After trying, you can purchase more of the snacks you come to love individually on their website.) Gluten-free option offered. 
Cost: $8.50–10.00/box (based on subscription length) for 7+ snacks; $18–20/box for 15+ snacks; $22–25/box for 10+ gluten-free snacks. 
Delivery area: Small (“tasting”) boxes ship to the U.S. only; larger boxes can be shipped internationally for an additional fee.
Who will love it: Adventurous snackers who value clean ingredients, variety, and local impact: Love With Food donates at least one meal to an American family in need for every subscription box shipped. 

Try the World

What it is: Monthly curated global foods subscription box.
What you get: A selection of gourmet cooking ingredients, snacks, and drinks from around the world from small-scale artisanal producers, along with occasional tips, recipes, and stories to bring the food to life. 
Cost: $15–19 per month for a box of 6 snacks (depending on subscription length); $29–39 per month for a box of 7+ items that includes cooking ingredients and drinks.
Delivery area: U.S. and Canada.
Who will love it: Customers who savor all the world has to offer and love to experiment with new ingredients.

Feeding the Village Club from Global Village Foods

Of course this list would not be complete without tooting our own horn. We think you’re going to love this opportunity to have our meals delivered to your door.

What it is: Monthly prepared meal delivery service featuring delicious, nutritious comfort food with a global twist, from a small business based in Vermont. 50 spots are available each month.
What you get: Prepared meals made with simple, fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, ready to heat and eat. All meals are naturally gluten-free and allergy friendly. And each month features an invite to a virtual event to celebrate the stories behind the menu. 
Cost: Each $79 includes eight prepared, ready-to-eat meals: four servings of the monthly club menu item, and four additional meals (of your choice) from Global Village Foods’ regular menu offerings. You also have the opportunity to add Global Village Food products for delivery to your order—choose from items like Curry Vegetable Samosa, Falafel, or Kofta.
Delivery area: Boston and surrounding areas (within a roughly 20-mile radius). [Tip: Customers outside of our delivery area can find Global Village Foods products in Whole Foods stores throughout New England.]
Who will love it: Individuals, couples and families who strive to feed their family healthy, nourishing foods and want to try new flavors (that kids will like too!) while making mealtime easy.

Food is life. Expand your food horizons and make mealtime simpler by bringing delicious meals and snacks right to your door. We hope you find a prepared meal delivery service or niche food subscription service that thrills and excites you!

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