Why we're partnering with DHMC and the Listen Center

Why we're partnering with DHMC and the Listen Center

If you've been keeping up with happenings in the Global Village, you might have heard about the "Share A Samosa" campaign. We're partnering with DHMC and the Listen Center to do some good for our local community.

For every samosa you buy during the month of July, we donate samosa to families in need. The really powerful thing about it? The more you get involved by buying samosa and spreading the word, the more we can give.

Share A Samosa | Help Us Feed Those in Need

We want to fuel a movement-- our mission is cooking so the whole village can eat. For us, that means we support organizations that work on food relief.

So what do we look for our partnerships and why?

DHMC and the Listen Center have been wonderful partners for us because they're plugged into the Upper Valley. They know who's in need of a meal, and they're working together tirelessly to make sure everyone is fed. They can show real impact.

They have a program called "Community Dinners" where to-go meals are served 6 days a week. Our samosas and meals fit in perfectly, because they're ready-to-eat and come single serve in tamper-proof recyclable packaging. That means the meals you order have been through rigorous USDA safety preparation and are made just for you. 

Listen Center | Neighbor Helping Neighbor

The Listen Center also serves the community with a Food Pantry, a Housing Helpers program, and a Heating Assistance program. Altogether, they're committed to supporting the critical needs of the Upper Valley. That's why we believe that they're a perfect way for us to give back to where we are.

We envision a world in which everyone can be part of a strong local community and a thriving global village. That starts with what we do now, for each other. And it's something we only achieve working with each other.

Business should make a positive social impact. And right now, we have the opportunity to help during a time where it's needed. 

Share A Samosa | You Get Samosa. We Give Samosa to those in need.

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