Introducing a mouthwatering way to give back... Share A Samosa today

Introducing a mouthwatering way to give back... Share A Samosa today

Our tagline at Global Village Cuisine is simple. We cook so the whole village can eat. We get out of bed every morning and stay up late at night thinking about how to bring you allergy friendly food with bold African flavor.

We also think a lot about how we build community, and what it looks like to build a socially responsible business. In a nutshell? We want to be the kind of company we would be proud to buy from. 

Our favorite brands have one thing in common: they give back. 

We Care about Giving Back

And with that in mind, we're offering new ways to enjoy a family meal and give back to the community. Part of this mission comes from our early days. We started out as a restaurant in White River Junction, Vermont. And our favorite part of the restaurant was how it brought everyone together. Food does that. 

That's why, when we thought about what we could do to help the village, we thought about who we could feed. We are excited to announce that we're partnering with DHMC (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center) and The Listen Center to bring meals to families in need of food. Our partnership with them allows us to give back to our local community in the best way we know how. Through sharing delicious African food.

Global Village Samosas: Curry Vegetable, Chicken & Spinach, Ground Beef

For the next month, when you buy samosa, we donate samosa to families who need a meal. We also want to celebrate the communal spirit that brings us all together and inspires us to eat together. That's why we want you to share with friends, family and anyone you know who would be excited to contribute. The best is, all they have to do is eat a samosa! What a yummy way to give back.

We'll be updating you here as we donate samosas, so you can see the impact that you have. We're delighted to have you on the journey, and we invite you to join us & share a samosa.

Share a Samosa: You Get Samosa, We Give Samosa to Those in Need



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