From a small farm in Kenya to a thriving brand in Whole Foods

From a small farm in Kenya to a thriving brand in Whole Foods

I grew up in Kenya where farm fresh food was a way of life. During my childhood, my siblings and I helped my mother tend the land and grow the season’s bounty. We would harvest corn, lentils, spinach, squash, mangoes, and more.

Global Village Cuisine co-founder and chef, Damaris Hall

Utilizing nutrient dense and vitamin rich local ingredients, herbs and healing spices, we would make dishes like Sukuma Wiki, a sauteed kale dish, and Ndengu, a hearty mung bean stew. Often, dessert and snacks were the fresh fruit in season.

Sukuma Wiki

Food connects us and strengthens our bonds. I am grateful to my mother, grandmother, and extended aunts for the fond memories, laughter, and nutritional wisdom gained around the open fire, as the pot slowly simmered.

This inspired my journey to create Global Village Cuisine. I wanted to create nutritious & flavorful meals for my children. When blessed with a child born with severe food allergies, I realized I could slightly adjust traditional recipes and make delicious African cuisines free of most major allergens. Now, our line of African meals is found in Whole Foods across New England.

Find Us in Whole Foods

We've also recently introduced a meal delivery service that's shipping across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (with Nationwide Shipping coming back soon). Our online meal delivery service gives you items you can't find in stores, like samosas, gluten-free falafel, and vegan black bean kofta. We also bring you our special menu items, like sauces and vegetable side dishes.

Shipping Regions

We honor the essence of African hospitality and invite you to taste the warmth, generosity, and commitment to simply good food. This is how we celebrate life. Grab your plate, take a taste, and join our Global Village.

We honor the spirit of African hospitality and invite you to our Global Village

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  • Hi Mel and Damaris,
    For various reasons, you have been on my mind lately, so I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy New Year! I hope all is well with you and yours in this crazy year.
    Best wishes,
    Naomi Hartov

    Naomi Hartov
  • Hi Katie,
    Nice to hear from you. We do offer gift certificates which you can purchase here:

    Wishing all the best to your friend graduating from the Dartmouth MALS program! Thank you for supporting local businesses.

    Kindest regards,
    Global Village Cuisine

    Global Village Cuisine
  • Hi,
    Do you offer gift certificates? I’d love to hit my friend a meal in honor of her graduation from the Dartmouth MALS program. She lives in the Upper Valley,

    Thank you,

    Katie kitchel

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