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The origins of Global Village Cuisine’s food, mission and social impact come from the influence of Kenya. Co-founder Damaris was born and raised in Kenya and Mel spent nine months studying in Nairobi. Damaris’s childhood and early adulthood in Kenya was filled with memories of eating and cooking food that was mostly focused around fresh vegetables and herbs.


Slow cooking with an emphasis on fresh spices and herbs over salt was central. Her family was always preparing food and ensured that anyone in their neighborhood would be fed if they stopped in for a visit. Damaris and Mel met in Nairobi when Mel was involved with an Environmental Studies program; his host family’s daughter was friends with Damaris.

Mel spent time traveling Africa and learning about technology businesses and also the importance of social causes that could be funded by successful financial investments. Damaris was studying Institutional Management which she uses daily while running their business. During Mel’s nine months in Kenya the two became quite close and fell in love. Prior to leaving Kenya Mel proposed to Damaris and she said yes. While it was a tough decision for her to leave for the States, she was excited for the vision to build a family and a life in the U.S.


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